Day 91 – 74 Miles

Pollock, ID to Cambridge, ID Total Miles: 5171 Today was hot. Hotter than yesterday. We went uphill. Then we went downhill. Then we drank some beer. The end. Stay tuned for the next edition of James and his Bike! Also, here is a GIF of Sebastian chasing a cow down the road 🙂

Day 90 – 64 Miles

Grangerville, ID to Pollock, ID Total Miles: 5097 I woke up this morning and was immediately greeted by a crimson ball of molten fury blasting me right in the face, it was only 7:00 and already it was looking to be a scorcher. I was denied the joy of throwing rocks at Sebastian’s tent once […]

Day 89 – 45 Miles

Lowell, ID to Grangerville, ID Total Miles: 4969 Today began much like yesterday except I didn’t get to throw rocks at Sebastian’s tent. He really ruins all of my fun when he wakes up early. We debated on whether we should ride up the road to the diner for breakfast or press on the 22 […]

Day 88 – 69 Miles

Lochsa Lodge, ID to Lowell, ID Total Miles: 4924 I woke up this morning at 7 to a crisp and beautiful mountain morning and began my daily routine of breaking down camp, using the bathroom, packing Forrest up and throwing rocks at Sebastian’s tent until he get’s his ass out of bed. We were looking […]

Day 87 – 59 Miles

Missoula, MT to Lochsa Lodge, ID Total Miles: 4857 After taking and extra day off in Missoula I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another day. We stopped in at a coffee shop to have some breakfast and got on the road at about 10:00. We rode about 11 miles out of town […]

Day 84 – 127 Miles

Butte, MT to Missoula, MT Total Miles: 4798 I woke up today at 6:30 absolutely dreading the day ahead. Well, maybe not dreading, but definitely a bit apprehensive. We’d planned a ridiculously long day today so that we could take a day off in Missoula while we wait Terry, Gene and Michael to get here, […]

Day 82 – 74 Miles

West Yellowstone, MT to Ennis, MT Total Miles: 4586 Our friends Josh and Heather were completing the final day of their bicycle tour today so we all thought it was appropriate to go out and celebrate the occasion. All 7 of us headed out to an old-timey diner for some burgers and malts and afterwards […]

Day 79/80/81 – Lots of miles

Colter Bay, WY to Grant Village, WY to West Yellowstone, MT Total Miles: 4512 I didn’t have cell service the last few days and I’m feeling too lazy to write much today. Again. I know, like, get your shit together, James. Piss off. Yellowstone National Park has been amazing. I think Wyoming has definitely been […]

Day 78 – 0 Miles

REST DAY!!! Let’s be honest, I needed it. I spent my day reading, relaxing and… applying for jobs because the real world is fast approaching. Would it be too much to ask to just cycle forever?! Here’s a video of me cycling down Togwotee Pass. I think. Whatever. Stay tuned for the next, and definitely more […]