Day 52 – 0 Miles 

God awful wind and rain when I woke up. A mildly pleasant mid morning. Severe thunderstorm warnings with a dash of tornado warning in the late afternoon. Yeah, I decided to stay put today. I’m currently laying on my bed getting blasted by wind and rain, I’m very pleased with my tent’s performance though. This thing is a fucking champion. One lesson I learned the hard way: don’t hang your headlamp from the roof of your tent during high winds. It’ll fall when you’re least expecting it and smash you right in the balls. Not ideal.

Storm rolling in ?

Stay tuned for the next (hopefully drier) edition of James and his Bike!

One Reply to “Day 52 – 0 Miles ”

  1. David horrocks says:

    Woah, didnt relize you were back on the grind. Finally i have something to look forward to at the end of my work days again ^_^ glad you and your honey boo-boo hada good time. But being self interested, im glad your back to your daily blog posts.

    In other news may be glad you’re avoiding the southwest on your trip. It was 121 on Tuesday. ?????????

    It was like being inside an oven but you couldn’t escape

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