Day 58 – 62 Miles

Golden City, MO to Middle of Nowhere, KS Total Miles: 3154 I woke up this morning at 6:00 with the intention of getting an early start to try and put some miles in before the forecasted winds began to pick up. Elijah must have had the same idea as me because he was up and […]

Day 57 – 56 Miles

Springfield, MO, Golden City, MO Total Miles: 3093 Last night was excellent! I got to hang out by the pool, unashamedly ate a whole pizza and some wings, drank few cold beers and laid out under the stars before bed. If every day could end this good I’d probably cycle forever. This morning I woke […]

Day 56 – 69 Miles

Mountain Grove, MO to Springfield, MO Total Miles: 3037!!! Nothing really interesting happened last night except that it rained and I failed to put the cover on my bike seat. It’s leather and now that I have it broken in it’s the most comfortable thing in the world, but being that it is made out […]

Day 54 – 42 Miles

Hardy, AR to West Plains, MO Total Miles: 2912 Let’s start off today with a little bit about last night. First off, the cheeseburger I was recommended was amazing but it definitely was not the Biggest, Baddest Cheeseburger in Town. That prize went to the aptly named “Baddest Cheeseburger in Town” and it weighed in […]

Day 52 – 0 Miles 

God awful wind and rain when I woke up. A mildly pleasant mid morning. Severe thunderstorm warnings with a dash of tornado warning in the late afternoon. Yeah, I decided to stay put today. I’m currently laying on my bed getting blasted by wind and rain, I’m very pleased with my tent’s performance though. This […]