Day 56 – 69 Miles

Mountain Grove, MO to Springfield, MO

Total Miles: 3037!!!

Nothing really interesting happened last night except that it rained and I failed to put the cover on my bike seat. It’s leather and now that I have it broken in it’s the most comfortable thing in the world, but being that it is made out of dead cows it’s not really supposed to get rained on. I’ve been kind of wondering about this though, does all of the sweat that comes pouring off of me have any effect on the longevity of it? I sweat a lot, like a disgusting amount and salty butt sweat can’t be good for leather. Meh, time will tell. I woke up this morning at 6:30 and packed up my soaking wet tent, the reason I hate doing this is not because I’m afraid of it molding or anything but because it is noticeable heavier after it rains. I hate extra weight with the fiery passion of scorned lover. I’ll carry 2 extra pounds of cookies or something and think nothing of it, but extra weight just because it rained? Screw that.

Right off the bat this morning was this long, tortuous uphill battle royale. If I had encountered this hill in the middle of the day I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but being fresh outta camp with cold muscles it seemed like it took me forever. I felt like the Little Engine That Could, “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can!” My right knee was giving me a bit of trouble throughout the day today, it was like a mild, dull ache on the top right but I only really felt it when I stopped pedaling for a bit then started again. Probably all these nasty hills I’ve been cranking out. Nothing a rest day won’t take care of. I hope 🙂

I stopped at the 15 mile mark to get my daily dose of energy drink and a snack. They had my favorite kind of pickles for sale so I of course grabbed one. I haven’t really had the same kind of oh-my-fucking-god-I-need-a-pickle feeling lately like I have in the past, my only conclusion is that I haven’t been experiencing the wicked humidity and accompanying pools of sweat that I was tortured with in the more southerly latitudes. I guess that’s a win.

My helmet hair is hella fly

Right after leaving my snack spot I, again, was presented with a monstrous hill to climb but I was warmed up so it didn’t give me any problems. Once cresting the top I was riding along this 20 mile stretch of road that was almost completely flat! Words cannot describe the feel goods I was experiencing and to top it all off I had the most beautiful tailwind accompanying me the whole time. Life is good. I had planned on stopping in the town of Fordsville for another break but when I came to the turn off it looked like the town was nestled at the bottom of this little valley. What goes down, must come up. Rather than expend the energy climbing out of that gravity well just to get a “break” I decided to push on until the next city. The riding was excellent, the weather was perfect and I’d started playing a new game with myself to pass the time: Count the Dead Armadillo’s on the Side of the Road! I counted 63 today. New record!!!

I really wanted to see a horse drawn buggy but it wasn’t in the cards

30 miles from my last stop I finally rolled into the next town feeling in excellent spirits but in serious need of a break. I grabbed a chocolate milk from the convenience store and 2 McDoubles from McDonalds and sat down next to Forrest to eat and relax my tired muscles. After I finished eating I was sitting against the wall talking on FaceTime when a stops his car in front of me and says, “You got money?” I was kind of caught off guard. Why would someone driving a car try and ask some sweaty guy on a bike for cash? With a puzzled look on my face I just said, “Huh?” He said, “Money. Do you need some money. Or maybe some food?” Oooooohhhhhh. I got it at this point. He thought I was some homeless guy in need of assistance. I just laughed and said that I was fine and with a “God bless” and wave he was gone. I guess it’s time for me to get a haircut and trim my beard. Or maybe don’t park myself in front of the McDonald’s drive-thru.

After getting rested up I heaved my homeless looking self back onto my bike and began the final 25 miles. The road I’ve been following the last few days has been pretty great, not a lot of traffic and a big shoulder to ride on. Once I got into Springfield that changed for the worse. Tons of traffic, minimal shoulder and some mighty uphills followed by some hair-raising descents but I made good time. An hour and a half of this and I arrived at my camp no worse for wear. I’m staying at the KOA on the outskirts of Springfield and it’s not a bad spot. Expensive as all KOA’s are but I guess all the amenities kind of make up for it. Also they sell beer here so that’s a plus. Time to drink some and get some rest. Stay tuned for the next edition of James and his Bike!

Not a bad ending to the day


Too Drunk; Didn’t Read (TD;DR)

-Rain made my tent heavy. I have heavy.

-My knee hurts and I need someone to kiss it better

-63 dead armadillos on the wall! 63 dead armadillos!

-Some guy thought I was homeless because I look homeless

-3000 miles today!!!

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  1. I was born in Kansas City and lived in Blue Springs also. Welcome to MO. Have all kinds of family there.

  2. I was born in Kansas City and lived in Blue Springs also. Welcome to MO. Have all kinds of family there.

  3. 3000 miles!!! You’re insane but I love you! Man that’s so cool. #fangirl
    Also, at least the man was kind enough to offer assistance lol. ?? Love hearing about your days. I laugh every time I read that you got an energy drink and McDonald’s ? it’s seriously every day.

  4. Ashley Burmaster says:

    Glad your enjoying yourself James! I enjoy reading about your daily adventures. Your family is cheering you on!

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