Day 76 – 75 Miles

Lander, WY to Dubois, WY Total Miles: 4392 I slept so good last night and not just because I had been cycling my ass off on only 4ish hours of sleep the previous two day. The park we camped at had the softest, most fluffy grass ever and it almost felt like a real bed […]

Day 75 – 60 Miles

Jeffery City, WY to Lander, WY Total Miles: 4317 I don’t know why I continue to do this to myself. Some kind of subconscious, self-inflicted penance I’m subjecting myself to for all the wrongs I’ve done throughout my life? Lack of self control? The say-yes-to-everything attitude I’ve acquired over the years? All of the above?! […]

Day 74 – 70 Miles

Rawlins, WY to Jeffery City, WY Total Miles: 4257 Last night Gene, Terry, Sebastian and I went to a restaurant/bar/liquor store/laundromat to get some beer and the biggest steaks we could find. I didn’t have high hopes of finding a great steak at a place where you can eat, order a beer and do your […]

Day 73 – 60 Miles

Riverside, WY to Rawlins, WY Total Miles: 4187 This is gonna be a short one because the scenery was rather bland and I’m a fucking rocket ship. This morning we got a real treat! Instead of waking up at the usual 5:00 we got to sleep in till 6:00! I know, right?!?! We’re out of […]

Day 72 – 90 Miles

Middle of Nowhere, CO to Riverside, WY Total Miles: 4127 I woke up this morning at 5:00 and, I mean it this time, seriously considered just staying there in my tent and  not getting up until the sun finally peaked over the mountains. I thought I had been cold yesterday and the day before but, […]